Omnichannel & CRM Certificate

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100% remotely


24 hours
5 half-days


€2490 (excl. taxes)

The Omnichannel & CRM Certificate course program

1. The pillars and pitfalls of CRM in the omnichannel era

  • - The roots of customer orientation : Myopia Marketing, Relationship Marketing and Customer Centricity
  • - The pillars of customer relations : understanding and measuring customer satisfaction, loyalty and value
  • - Understanding and exploiting CRM metrics: NPS, CES, Churn, CLV
  • - Customer value management models: segmentation, scoring, value-based targeting
  • - 1st party data collection strategies
  • - Customer insight and knowledge approach
  • - Analysis of the structure and evolution of a client portfolio in connection with objectives

2. Design and lead an omnichannel relationship program

  • - Type of programs: relationship program, CRM program, loyalty program, ambassador program
  • - Design a differentiated activation plan by segment and by channel
  • - Lifecycle and automation: design triggers
  • - Materialize your program: card, kitty, interface, app
  • - Membership: which strategies?
  • - Earn/Burn, Rewards, Points, Status: arbitrate the mechanics of a program
  • - The fundamentals of Business Intelligence : Collection, Storage, Distribution and Use of data in CRM
  • - Impact Data: Database management and program technology stack

3. Orchestrating CRM and programmatic: exploiting the synergies offered by omnichannel

  • - Understanding the fundamentals and methods of people-based marketing
  • - Augmented CRM: Exploiting programmatic CRM opportunities
  • - Leveraging a Customer Data Platform: best practices and use cases
  • - Doing people-based without CDP: what possibilities?

4. Measuring the effectiveness of omnichannel CRM

  • - Managing customer value : the contribution of incrementality-based models
  • - Adopt a Test & Learn approach, how to optimize a CRM program
  • - Performing optimization tests (mechanical, impact forecasting)
  • - Measuring customer engagement : what approach?
  • - Risk analysis and modeling of program costs

5. Practice: preparation and presentation of a case study (optionnal)

  • - Onboarding stakeholders: customers, employees, partners
    • - Coaching based on a case study

The 4 key contributions of this course

Consolidate a CRM strategy that embraces all stakeholders in your organization

Be able to design and lead an omnichannel relational program

Leverage the opportunities of an "augmented CRM" thanks to programmatic in a people-based vision

Manage the effectiveness of a relational program according to defined objectives and adopt a test & learn approach to optimize it

The approach of the course


A 100% remotely format
A 100% remote format for training without travelling


Innovative teaching methods
Innovative pedagogy: numerous real-life use cases, live sessions with a Numberly expert on each topic, virtual meet-up, office hours with the speakers


A limited number of participants
Optional: 2-hour individual coaching with Numberly experts on a business case proposed by a participant

This course is ideal for people with professional experience in marketing, within CRM, customer experience or customer service teams in B2C sectors (Retail, Services, FMCG), in particular, customer experience manager, head of customer service, CRM project manager, CRM manager, loyalty manager, CMO.

Yseulys Costes
Co-founder & CEO

Leverage data to make marketing actions more useful, relevant and targeted for consumers and more effective and measurable for brands and retailers.

From the academic world, passionate about Digital Marketing, member of the Board of Directors of Kering and Groupe SEB


Skills: digital marketing and advertising, business strategy and e-commerce

Nicolas Filatieff
Managing Director

My vision of marketing is to take the best of research, psychology, and data science.

15 years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Strategy including more than 10 years at BNP Paribas Fortis, including as CMO


Skills: business strategy, pricing, digital marketing and customer engagement

Thibaut Munier
Co-founder & COO

As Clive Humby said in 2006, "Data is the new oil". It is essential to learn collectively how to work with this data so that marketing is above all a facilitator for the consumer and a vector of efficiency for companies, regardless of their size or sector.

Recognized specialist in Relationship Marketing and Data Mining, frequent guest at academic and professional conferences


Skills: marketing strategy, business intelligence, customer retention and satisfaction

Sandra de Brito da Costa
Executive Director

Personal and behavioral data is essential to appropriately activate all off and online marketing levers and thus create a privileged relationship between a brand and its consumer.

More than 15 years of specialized data expertise serving about fifty advertisers in the banking/insurance, retail and luxury sectors…


Skills: Data Marketing strategy, DMP, RTB

Grégoire Bothorel
Head of Research

Dialogue between the business and academic worlds brings value to client strategies and gives meaning to digital marketing.

Over 10 years of experience in customer marketing. One foot in academia, one foot in business, after a PhD in Marketing. His research work has been published in Europe and the USA. Guest professor in schools and universities (Dauphine, EM Lyon, IAE Lyon...)


Skills: relationship marketing, omnichannel strategy, insight & analytics

Catherine Marion
Content Marketing and Communication Manager

Putting content, data and innovation at the service of customer relations

More than 10 years of marketing expertise in various sectors (especially banking and retail)


Skills: CRM, Data Marketing, Customers engagement and retention

Philippe Delieuvin

Good data governance (transparency, security, simplicity...) is a major determinant of people's trust. And there is no sustainable market without trust.

23 years of experience, first in audit, then in banking. Data Protection Correspondent at Numberly since 2008, then DPO since 2018


Skills: Data processing compliance, GDPR, cookie policy

Julien Beytout
Product Strategy Director

More than ever, mastering prospect/customer data is at the heart of value creation strategies for brands. Knowing your prospects/customers, anticipating their needs, finding the best conversion levers and reinforcing loyalty are the crucial challenges we face every day alongside our clients.

15 years of experience in Marketing Acquisition, Ecommerce, Loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value development


Skills: strategy, consulting, ROI management, data marketing, media sector

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