Webinar — From Cookieless to Clean Rooms: why MarTech is on fire

Join our Martech webinar on Thursday, December 3rd

Webinar on Thursday, December 3rd at 5pm (CET)

Martech will be at the forefront of this roundtable webinar, centered around cookieless, clean rooms and what’s shaking up Martech.

Alice Stratton, Global Managing Director at LiveRamp Safe Haven and Manuel Cimarosti, Director of Media: Data Strategy & Measurement Analytics at Danone, will discuss the latest trends and challenges of this future cookieless environment, as well as the tech and marketing solutions related to these recent developments.

The webinar will start on Thursday, December 3rd at:

8am PT (San Francisco) | 11am EST (New York) | 4pm GMT (London) | 5pm CET (Paris)

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