Webinar — Live session with… Hubert Joly

Let's listen to Hubert Joly on the occasion of the upcoming launch of his book The Heart of Business.

Thursday, June 3 at

8:30AM PT (San Francisco) | 11:30AM ET (New York) | 4:30PM BST (London) | 5:30PM CEST (Paris) | 9:30PM GST (Dubai)


Questions around the impact of a company, and the meaning of work for its employees have never been more relevant – how do we still find a purpose to our everyday job, when the world as we knew it has been completely upended for the past year? How do we make sense of our daily tasks, when nothing around us does?

Hubert Joly’s new book, The Heart of Business, offers a serendipitous framework to building a world in which organizations are driven by a positive mission, and focused on their employees – a vision where sustainable profits are not the overarching goal, but rather a byproduct of putting people and purpose first.

On Thursday, June 3 at 5:30pm CET, we will have the privilege of sharing a one-hour live session with Mr Joly, where we will discuss his insights on finding the meaning of work through a company’s purpose, the impacts of the current pandemic on jobs and engagement and of course his inspiring journey to becoming one of the most influential business leaders in the world, as well his amazing tenure as Best Buy’s CEO at a critical time for the business.


If you are interested, you can register here!

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