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NPS = 59 | Satisfaction = 4,7/5

Extremely well done and very interesting course.

Great animation, an adapted and very interesting pace, experts on each module, and an interesting intimacy between the participants.

Very interesting content by very competent and passionate business experts.

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Why an Academy by Numberly?

The Numberly Academy is a blend of expertise and know-how.

Numberly, a key player in data marketing, has been working since its creation at the intersection of the business and academic worlds.
By being at the forefront of the most innovative marketing practices on the market and an aggregator of the scientific and academic ecosystem, the Group has developed a unique “think & do” expertise.



A passion for research and transmission at the heart of the group’s DNA.

Each year, the group invests 10% of its turnover in R&D and provides more than 200 hours of lectures to leading institutions such as ESCP Business School, Ecole Polytechnique, Centrale Supélec, EDHEC and Paris Dauphine University.


In collaboration with Ecole Polytechnique and University Paris 2,
Numberly has received the CIDEGEF-FNEGE Grand Prize for Educational Innovation.

Each year, Numberly provides training at these institutions:

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