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Numberly has a singular and thorough approach to technology which matches well ScyllaDB's Open Source and low-level design mindset. They have been contributing code, providing feedback and helping us improve on multiple aspects of the project. We have a special relationship with them because of that and I can fairly say that Numberly is one of the most technologically advanced companies we work with. ScyllaDB has benefited from Numberly's contributions and inputs: they do not only use Open Source Software, they truly strive to make it better!

Numberly is such a perfect user. Great understanding of the product. Not afraid to move fast and adopt cutting edge features. Contributing back to the community. ScyllaDB is so lucky to have them :).

We ♥ open source

Open source is the key to today’s great technological successes.
Passionate about this ecosystem, we freely distribute some of our code and contribute to the projects that make our stack.

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