AI-driven solutions

Boost your marketing campaigns’ ROI by leveraging Artificial Intelligence

AI for marketing, an enabler for customer centricity

With a strong expertise in machine learning built over nearly 10 years, we offer numerous solutions leveraging AI to optimize your activations: from off-the-shelf algorithms ready to be deployed for your use cases to tailor-made solutions adapted to your specific needs.

Generative AI

Leverage generative AI to improve your efficiency and scale up content generation for your campaigns.

Adoption & Strategy

We support you in the adoption of AI tools and help you identify strategic, high-added-value topics that can be leveraged with AI.

Tailor-made AI

We develop customized AI solutions for your needs and support you from the POC phase all the way through to industrialization.

Off-the-shelf algorithms

Numerous algorithms tested on a wide range of cases, ready to be deployed on your use cases.

Use AI to accelerate your digital marketing and switch from a campaign-centric to a customer-centric approach. AI can provide you with concrete, actionable answers to each of the questions crucial to personalized marketing.

Our strengths


Tailor-made support throughout your AI projects, from identifying your challenges to implementing solutions.


Our solutions are compatible with numerous ecosystems: regardless of the marketing automation platform you have implemented, you can use our algorithms.

Operable and scalabe

AI that is integrated into your processes and easy to operate. We support you throughout the entire development cycle of your AI solutions, from the design of the algorithm to its scaling-up, taking production constraints into account from the POC phase onwards to offer you robust, practical solutions.

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