Live session with… Paddy Padmanabhan, Marketing Professor at INSEAD (Singapore)

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Numberly is glad to welcome Paddy Padmanabhan, Marketing Professor at INSEAD, Estelle Giraudeau, Managing Director UK and Northern Europe at Club Med and Philippe Chainieux, CEO of MADE to discuss the need for organizations to reinvent themselves and the way to do it.

Changing leaders' mindset completely changes their attitude as they start developing the ‘Phoenix attitude’. It says that you are in fact your own best enemy. You know a lot more about your business than other people do. All you need is a new way of thinking which is 'How might somebody come after me and kill my business?'

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Disruption may not happen overnight. In many cases, if you look at the most disruptive things (industrial revolution, steam, electricity etc.), for the full impact of those disruptions to play out across businesses and societies it takes 20 or 30 years! If we don’t put leaders’ feet into the fire, they will go back to doing the things they’re comfortable doing