Numberly Martech Platform


Manage contact lists autonomously and access a 360° view by individual

Creation of static contact lists: manual addition and editing of contacts

Creation of dynamic lists: automatic adding and editing of contacts via API, choice of frequency and type of import

List activity monitoring for follow-up

Data collection via forms


Data Management

Creating a contact list from a .csv or .txt file

Automatic integration of data collected via a form

Setting the uniqueness of contacts according to one or more fields in the list

Automatic feeding and updating of the contacts of a list from different sources (file deposit on SFTP, file upload from the computer or via API)

Manual addition and editing of a contact using a form

Configuration of the email and phone number fields of the contacts

Statistics on the contactability of a contact list

Activation of a contact list

Exporting the list of contacts or data collected through a form in .csv format

Contact sheet

Contactability information of the individual (Consent, means of contact incorrectly filled in)

All contact lists of which the individual is a member

Last socio-demographic informations collected from the individual

Reactivity to sent campaigns

Possibility to exclude individuals from all upcoming campaigns

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