Numberly winner of the French contest: La Nuit des Rois 2022

For our campaigns for Beaugrenelle, LOUIS XIII Cognac and Sofinco

La Nuit des Rois rewards the best digital marketing systems in France, based on two main criteria: performance and innovation.
The idea is to promote the best campaigns, and through them, exciting and specialized jobs, sometimes not enough honored.

For this 2022 edition, we have been nominated among the finalists in 3 categories:

Gold Award in the "Connected business-phygital" category

Numberly and the Beaugrenelle Center received the Gold Award in the Connected Business-Phygital category for the omnichannel device “When drive-to-store tracking enters the Seine”.
Beaugrenelle chose Numberly to build a new media strategy around measurable and optimizable field analytics data.

The new communication strategy meets 3 objectives:

  • Boost Drive-To-Store traffic during the summer sales period
  • Reactivate neighborhoods that have lost the most visitors
  • Conquering neighborhoods challenged by other shopping centers

After conducting a neighborhood-by-neighborhood audit of the existing drive-to-store traffic in the customer catchment area using MyTraffic, Numberly designed and implemented an omnichannel drive-to-store activation plan (programmatic in-app campaigns, DOOH and metro stations) differentiated in terms of content and frequency according to the very specific geographic areas identified beforehand.. The traffic generated by this activation was precisely measured by Retency.

The results have lived up to the hype: 16% more visits recorded from the first activation in July and August 2021 compared to the same period in 2020 and a cost per visit divided by two compared to the previous summer season.

You can discover the entire success story here.

Silver Award in the "New experiences" category

Numberly and Rémy Cointreau’s LOUIS XIII Cognac received the Silver Award in the New Experiences category for the LOUIS XIII Mysteries experience, an enigmatic and immersive game device for a unique digital experience.

This operation took the form of an innovative game platform, a first for the brand to offer a unique digital experience, reserved for the US market to qualify the base and recruit new customers. Users discovered a unique and enigmatic visual setting through the integration of 3D and 360° elements. Players could solve 13 enigmas by finding codes on the platform, the LOUIS XIII Cognac website, emails or social networks. A true cross-channel strategy.

The LOUIS XIII Mysteries digital experience was a great success in the US market and exceeded expectations by generating a long exposure to the brand as users stayed on the experience for an average of 19 minutes.

You can discover the entire success story here.

Bronze Award in the "Data & CRM" category

Numberly and Sofinco were awarded the Bronze Award in the Data & CRM category for our approach to incremental measurement in programmatic via Ghost Ads.

To understand the true effectiveness of its marketing investments, Sofinco began a large-scale experiment with Numberly to optimize budget allocation to the most effective channels and mechanics.

Although many tests are carried out in Real Time Bidding (RTB) to determine the most impactful messages, it is indeed rare to carry out experimental protocols measuring the incremental result of these actions.

This process led us to define a test within this framework that leverages a feature of Xandr, the “Ghost Ads”. Concretely, a test population is exposed to Sofinco “auto journey” banners while the control population is created from simulated exposures: we collect information that allows us to know that a cookie could have been exposed without really exposing this person, this without paying the cost of this “false exposure”.

The results are very promising: we observed a conversion rate performance increment between the test group and the unexposed control group of 15%! This method allows us to isolate a reliable and robust control group, so that we can accurately measure the impact of the campaign on conversions.

You can discover the entire success story here.