Numberly Martech Platform


Create high-performance, personalized email, SMS and push notification campaigns easily

3 activation channels: email, SMS, and push notifications

Easy and intuitive creation of all campaigns in just a few steps:

  1. Content selection
  2. Setting the target
  3. Validation of the target’s volume and the visual rendering of the campaign
  4. Programming the sending

Advanced functionalities: customization, A/B testing, adjustment of sending speed, options to control deliverability…

Ability to create individual short URLs (SMS campaigns)


Campaign management

Sending tactical, automatic and application campaigns

Autonomy with the creation of senders

Campaign sending calendar

Testing of personalization with real life cases of recipients

Saving test recipient lists

Categorization of campaigns to facilitate their analysis


Targeting on a defined population from the data integrated in the database

Pre-designed targeting forms based on customized criteria

Targeting to .csv or .txt files


Configuring the speed of sending emails

Possibility of using one or more senders to optimize deliverability

A/B test of subject, sender's name or content and generalization of the version that had the most impact

Use of content created in the platform or from a third party tool (HTML upload)

Personalization of the content and subject of the email depending on the recipient

Adding a text version manually or automatic generation from the HTML version

Adding attachments to the email

Definition of "white" time slots (without sending an email)

Configuration of a third party audience analysis tracking system


Configuration of the speed for sending SMS

Personalization of the content depending on the recipient

Sending SMS messages in France and abroad

Configuration of a sending name (OADC)

Sending SMS messages of more than 160 characters (concatenated SMS)

Sending SMS messages with special characters (UTF8)

Adding a short URL customized to the individual

Free configuration of Stop SMS

Definition of "white" time slots (without sending SMS)

Push notification

Personalization of notification depending on the recipient

Definition of notification redirection

Ability to have one or more destination applications configured

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