Acquisition & Engagement Programs

Collect PII and non-PII data while engaging your audience

Databases need to be regularly updated in order to enable you to implement the most relevant CRM actions.

The collection and engagement operations that our agency build make it possible to address this permanent challenge in an effective way which adapts to your quantitative and qualitative challenges and objectives such as:

  • collect high-quality data
  • maximize engagement with several minutes of exposure to your brand
  • reactivate your database and requalify it
  • generate conversions and in-store visits

Tailor-made acquisition campaigns

Tailor-made operations for a fun and unique customer experience (videos, games, profiling, etc.)

Fast operations

Fast operations, ideal to launch a project quickly

Precise communication plans

We support you in designing and executing efficient communication plans

The added value of our agency

Expertise & Service Approach

With more than 250 operations carried out per year, an expert and dedicated team will assist you and advise you from design to monitoring, thanks to advanced reports and analyses for each operation.

User-centric and Data-driven approach

Because collection and engagement operations are not an end in themselves but a mean, we offer our CRM vision to maximize the short, medium and long term performance of your actions.

Data protection

We closely follow best practices related to general data protection regulations for each implemented operation.

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