Customer Data Platform

Leverage a people-based vision to offer customers a fluid, interactive and omnichannel experience

Discover Datalively, the new version of CDP

The Customer Data Platform allows you to collect all of your first party data: navigation behaviors on your website or mobile applications, reactions to your marketing campaigns, customer flows and data partnerships.

It becomes possible to segment your audience and to optimize your marketing actions across all channels so that you can:

  • Build your data assets: collect 1st party data on your website, and track emails and media using the CDP tag
  • Implement an omnichannel approach and centralize the management of all marketing levers
  • Create a people-based vision and measure the real incrementality generated by campaigns
  • Personalize marketing actions to relevant segments of your audience

Datalively, a solution for:

Optimizing media investments

Exclude and target audiences more precisely, and personalize messages according to your needs

Boosting the impact of CRM actions

Target your audiences through new channels and implement personalized marketing triggers

Improving customer knowledge

Leverage our in-house algorithms and scoring tools to better understand your customers and their lifetime value

The added value of our agency

A "Software with Service" Approach

A technological offer supported by dedicated teams

A strong expertise across a large number of industries

Expertise in the development of use-cases and the measurement of their effectiveness for all types of industries: banking and insurance, fast moving consumer goods, retail, media/entertainment...

An agnostic approach

Use cases can be set up either on our Datalively interface, which is connected to the entire digital ecosystem, or on your own tools

So, what does this mean?

Let’s keep in