Display, Video, Native

Digital advertising, an ecosystem in constant evolution

Digital advertising is now mainly bought programmatically, i.e. automatically through a real-time bidding system. We have built our entire media expertise on this buying method since 2010.

  • We have been working in collaboration with the market’s leading buying platforms since 2010 and are proud to be one of the most important buyers in the programmatic market today.
  • In order to leverage the best of the ecosystem, we work closely with the buying platforms to integrate raw data. This allows us to further optimize and learn from our team of media traders and data analysts
  • Our data scientists capitalize on this data to develop custom algorithms: contextual, predictive, scoring…

Matiro, a pioneer in programmatic

Trading Desk Matiro, a pioneer in programmatic in France, joined Numberly in 2013 to couple its acquisition expertise with Numberly's data culture.

Activation of the main purchasing platforms (DSP)

Each buying platform has its own specificities. We control the main platforms of the market to activate the one that will deliver the best results for your campaigns: Amazon, DV360, The Trade Desk, Xandr...

Connected TV, Video, Audio, Native, Display, DOOH...

We master all the formats available for your digital advertising campaigns. Depending on your marketing challenges, it is necessary to adapt the media mix deployed for the best efficiency.

Multi-sectoral expertise

For more than 10 years, we have been working with a wide variety of clients covering many different sectors of activity.

The added value of our agency

Independent trading desk

In a market that has seen many waves of consolidation, we maintain our independence to represent your interests in all our activation recommendations

Recognized quantitative expertise

Our team of data analysts is at the service of the performance of your campaigns. We integrate and analyze all available raw data to provide you with the best information and make the best optimization decisions. We study the incremental impact of your campaigns to help you make the best budget allocation

Leveraging Machine Learning

Our team of data scientists develops custom algorithms to maximize results and learning.

So, what does this mean?

Activation experts

You are accompanied directly by a team of activation experts to simplify daily exchanges and offer you the most relevant recommendations

Data Analysts

Our team of data analysts study the performance of your campaigns to go deeper into the lessons and optimizations

Data Scientists

We are continuously innovating on the use of available data to deploy customized algorithms.

Technical experts

Our technical project managers ensure that all available tools are used to the maximum to maximize our chances of success: tracking, troubleshooting, trafficking...

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