Personalization & Algorithms

Leverage the most advanced research on machine learning algorithms to drive results and insights

A data science team dedicated to turning skills into actionable solutions

Our datascience team develops within our agency proprietary machine learning algorithms which we implement in our trading campaigns to improve targeting and maximize the impact of your campaigns, thus optimizing your efficiency and your learning curve.

Smart Targeting

Target high-value individuals thanks to algorithms such as Hawkes Propensity Scoring and NLP-based qualification

CLV Maximization

Prevent churn and measure engagement to maximize cross-sell and repurchase

Trading Optimization

Optimize trading campaigns by predicting uplifts, implementing automatic bids and detecting ad fraud more accurately

Identity Resolution

Leverage our people-based targeting approach thanks to our advanced identity-resolution and clustering algorithms

The added value of our agency

Independent and agnostic approach

We work with a large number of platforms and are very well connected with the actors in the digital ecosystem

Commitment to transparency and brand safety

Our proprietary tracking and optimization solution allows you to follow the campaign performances in real time

Strong expertise in data marketing

Our algorithms rely not only on our data science skills but also on our strong expertise in CRM and digital marketing

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