Programmatic Media Trading

Social media, display, native ads, video, audio, keywords… How to efficiently deploy a programmatic strategy to answer your marketing needs.

What is media trading?

Media trading consists in buying advertising space (banners, packaging, videos, native ads, audio…) in real time through a principle of automated auctions (Real Time Bidding) on sites that make all or part of their inventory available on market places (adexchange).

Programmatic purchasing can enable you to meet different marketing challenges:

  • Awareness: build and strengthen your brand’s awareness, support the launch of a new product, support a new communication campaign…
  • Acquisition: Engage a relationship with the target audience in order to establish a link with them with the right message, at the right time and in the right context!
  • Conversion: generate new subscribers, application downloads, sales, recruit new customers…
  • Loyalty: capitalize on the power of programmatic to continue the discussion with your consumers to ensure their satisfaction

Our added value

Independent and agnostic approach

We work with a large number of platforms and are very well connected with the actors in the digital ecosystem, in addition to having our own proprietary tracking and optimization tools

Transparency & brand safety

Our proprietary tracking and optimization solution allows you to follow the campaign performances in real time

Strong expertise in data marketing

Our data science team creates complex and effective algorithms, and analyzes the available data to implement the most efficient strategies

The key points of a successful programmatic activation:


Understanding your business needs

A tailor-made approach to choose the right targets, messages, formats, platforms, etc.

Campaign launch

Daily checks on results to adjust strategies and share on insights from the campaign

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