SEA — Search Engine Advertising

Numberly is certified Google Partner.

We are a partner-agency, all along your search-presence journey

For several years, Numberly has been helping a wide range of advertisers on the optimization of their SEA strategies and activations, leveraging on the search data power with a centralized 360° strategic support mindset.

We leverage our best-in-class capabilities to define the best tailormade SEA Strategy for your business

A 360° approach to meet your needs:

  • Consider SEA within other channels to create powerful synergies
  • Strategic support range of work: Pre-audit, Audits, Consulting and Strategic support to work on your objectives. Marketing analysis & brief / Competition benchmark / Strategic recommendation / Transition management / Team coordination

SEA Strategy Team

Numberly digital activation experts help you to reach your objectives, with three main steps: recommendation, activation, and reporting/analysing

SEA-solution engineer team

Leverage on features and account linking to foster industrialization, and reinforce search impact. Audience knowledge and tech expertise on Customer Match with your technological stack (automation, usage, scoring)

Data Analytics team

Support the analysis and leverage the search data for profiling, trends analysis, competition analysis, and measurement/conversion analysis

Data scientists team

Ensure testing relevance and use algorithmics to better handle keywords and landing page planning for a better google-fit

Our areas of expertise


  • - 360° centralized media strategy with SEA/SEO at the core
  • - Stand alone SEA Strategy
  • - Amazon Sponsored Ads, Amazon DSP, Twitch
  • - Bing Ads as an opportunity


  • - Audit of existing accounts
  • - Copywriting
  • - Revenue management strategy with hotel ads
  • - Audience upload automation
  • - Feed-based campaigns, Shopping, Performance Max


  • - Search data usage for planning, decision-making, trend observation
  • - Profiling studies
  • - Measurement
  • - Display, video, audio

We combine expert team, independancy and decison-making mindset

Flexible support

From audit, then strategy to activations

A complete team with various skills

Media strategy, planning, optimization, analysis, algorithmics, tech ecosystem handling

Enlightener of decision-making

Independent agency, fully transparent 24/24 reporting tool, support with strong analysis leveraging on search-data, site-data, media-data, customer-data (in case)

4 steps

Audit of your existing search accounts:

Understand your positioning strategy, your strengths to be maximized and your areas for improvement.

Brief phase:

Have the full picture of your business needs in order to translate them into objectives and strategies the SEA campaigns will have to reach.


Deploy activations in line with the media strategy, meaning all the different campaigns, ad copies, lexical fields, and tracking and optimization tools.

Optimization, measurement & analysis:

Monitor the campaign evolution and performance on a daily basis in order to adjust the strategies, give you more insights to facilitate decision-making and include SEA into your global strategy.

numberly, in numbers…

  • 15+ certified experts
  • 17 offices in the world
  • 40+ countries activated in SEA
  • 3 digits growth per year since 2019

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