Social Media

Understand the strengths and uses of different social media and effectively capitalize on them in your media strategy.

Understand and effectively activate social media

  • We work agnostically and transparently with all social platforms. Our media traders are specialists in each of these platforms.
  • This expertise of social networks allows us to integrate in our media strategies the link between organic and paid features for maximum efficiency.
  • We accompany you in partnerships with the most relevant influencers for your campaigns.

Understanding social media

Our teams are in constant contact with the social platforms in order to follow the latest developments and provide you with information for effective activation.

Master the available advertising tools

Each platform has its own advertising tools with varying degrees of functionality available. We analyze the capabilities of each of them both in terms of technical features and specific formats and analysis.

Track activations transparently

With Tradingly, our reporting tool, you can easily monitor the performance of all the social networks we manage for you in real time.

The added value of our agency

Multi-platform expertise

In order to propose the most appropriate response to your media strategy, our media traders master a wide variety of social platforms. We have the ability to switch part of the investments we manage for you.

Social CRM

Each social media has onboarding features that allow you to ingest your proprietary data (first party). Our recognized expertise in CRM data allows us to offer you relevant media activations on these targets.

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