How to recognize your customers when you don’t own transactional data?

Data onboarding and omnichannel activation for SEB

The Challenge

One major challenge for advertisers who, like SEB Group, sell most of their products through retailers is identifying their existing customers and the products they already own.

It’s only through customer identification that they can boost loyaltyengagement, and encourage the cross-selling of complementary products.

The Solution

At Numberly, we believe that the interactions between internet users and the SEB Group ecosystem can tell us a lot. The CDP is the most appropriate tool to collect and manage this behavioural data. By studying carefully the visits on the recipe and accessory pages along with the usage of mobile applications, it is possible to recognize the web behaviors of customers that are likely to own a certain product. The Moulinex Companion cooker robot, for instance.

The data onboarding solution associated to the CDP allows to match internet users identified by their web behaviors to an email address that is already located in the CRM database.

When they’re properly identified, the users receive a welcome email allowing them to confirm that they own a companion robot in just two clicks. In return, they receive tips and recipes allowing them to make the most of their cooking appliances. They enter an omnichannel life-cycle specifically tailored for the Companion community: the many advantages offered to them can boost loyalty and engagement.

The Results

The CDP set up by Numberly for SEB Group matches the nominative and behavioural data of a same individual. It gives an all-around vision of each and every client and prospect and enables marketers to address each of them in a relevant way.

More than 15,000 email contactable potential Companion owners were identified, allowing:

  • To send them relevant information adapted to the product they own;
  • To encourage cross-sell and boost client value;
  • To boost referral programs and virality.

The questionnaire email allowing to confirm the ownership of a Companion cooker robot has generated a click-to-open rate of 57% on the individuals having been granted the highest scores by the algorithm. 90% of those have confirmed owning a Companion cooker robot!

The positive results of the campaign go beyond the step of identification: CRM activations bring an ROI of 55 on Companion owners, and 63% of the results generated on the accessories sold on the Moulinex website come from CRM activation.

Key Figures

90 %

of the individual with the highest score confirmed owning a Companion


of ROI on CRM activation


contactable individuals identified thanks to data onboarding

Thanks to the DMP and to data onboarding, we have managed to identify precisely our clients and the products they already own! It is important now more than ever for brands to collect, understand and work their data to get to know their clients better. With Numberly, our client relationships have become more relevant and personalized.

The SEB Group DSI team, the SEB Group marketing team, and the expert Numberly teams have worked in collaboration to build this predictive model that opens up a new realm of possibilities in terms of qualification and personalized activation of data.