How does CDP help to optimise online visits and conversions in the luxury industry?

A successful multi-channel media strategy thanks to CDP.

The challenge

Baccarat is a French luxury brand renowned for its expertise in glass and crystal.
Since 1764, Baccarat’s creations of tableware, jewellery and exceptional pieces have contributed to the brand’s international reputation.
In order to consolidate the brand’s presence and generate sales, the company seeks to deploy the most relevant strategies for each target.


The solution

In 2017, Baccarat implemented a CDP (Customer Data Platform) with Numberly in 4 key markets: The United States, France, The United Kingdom and Japan.

Thanks to this CDP, Baccarat was able to centralise all the data collected, both PII or non-PII, and in particular to reconcile off and online data.

This allowed us:

  • To identify and optimise the targeting strategies for the different audiences
  • To precisely measure the profitability of investments in the various campaigns
  • To personalise retargeting campaigns

Numberly set up media activations throughout the year, and had key moments which were defined according to local specificities on the different RTB channels, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Numberly made the most of each platform to meet Baccarat’s business objectives by activating the most relevant innovative formats at the right time, especially on social networks.

Dynamic retargeting campaigns personalised according to the browsing path of Internet users on the brand’s e-commerce site were set up as a red thread on Facebook and Instagram, in order to meet a sales objective in the USA.

One-off campaigns were also launched during commercial highlights to generate traffic to the new Baccarat bars by leveraging the canvas format.

The result

Since the beginning of this collaboration, overall performance has improved in the four markets where CDP has been deployed:

  • Increased website traffic and sales by combining branding, key moments and ongoing campaigns: in 2020, 25% of visits to the sites (France, US, Japan and UK) are linked to activated campaigns.
  • Cost per visit of €0.43 for Baccarat on social networks in 2020, compared to €1.20 on average for other luxury players


of online conversions linked to campaigns (in 2020)


ROI on average in 2020 for all strategies and activation levers combined

Numberly has been working with Baccarat since 2017 and has never stopped innovating to contribute to the influence of our company. The collaborative spirit and trust that drives regular exchanges with the teams allow us to always challenge the existing with new ideas! A big congratulations to Numberly for their involvement and adaptability.