How can you maximise the online and offline impact during a key period of the year ?

A powerful and innovative 360 omnichannel and co-branded campaign

The Challenge

At the start of the school year, Numberly and Sofinco launched the Jours énormes campaign. This was an effective campaign with exclusive offers, combining the Sofinco brand with the power of its network of partners.

The campaign had 2 objectives:

Boost business during the Back to School season, which is considered “prime time” for sales by many companies
Bring together Sofinco’s partners with a powerful business campaign in line with their back-to-school strategy.

The Solution

For the back-to-school season, Sofinco launched an exceptional offer of 10,000 personal loans at a rate of 0.4% and also a relay of exclusive partner offers (Rental with Purchase Option, payment in installments, etc.).

The Les Jours énormes campaign was available on multiple offline media (posters, mailings, television, etc.) as well as online (email, programmatic display, social networks, etc.) while respecting the graphic guidelines which convey the image of both Sofinco and its partner brands.

The campaign was further promoted by influencers on social networks, who were seeking new targets linked with their community and, therefore, were able to increase the reach of the campaign.

The CACF teams (marketing, offer, credit, risk, design, partnership…) came together to make this first Les jours énormes campaign a success, both for the Sofinco brand and for its loyal partners.

The power of Les jours énormes is characterised by the richness of the media activated and the quality of the profiles recruited following the campaign: a cross-channel campaign!

The poster campaign (more than 9,000 posters throughout the country) on various mediums (4/3, bus shelters, digital displays) were a real drive-to-store for the co-branded partners involved with Sofinco. The location choice was crucial: the objective was to select places in close proximity to the stores in order to optimize conversion.

The Results

The Les Jours énormes campaign exceeded the objectives initially set for this first edition!

The volume of Sofinco credit entries was 17.6% higher than the objectives and more than 30% higher on the web, making it the best-performing month of the year 2019.

As for digital performances, the click rate on the RTB banners was 2.5 times higher than the IAB average.

The influencer campaigns on social media also generated a reach of more than 316,000 individuals in connection with the partners mentioned by the influencers.

The partner brands are set to launch a similar operation with the Sofinco teams, and the teams are now ready to get started on the next great campaign!

Key Figures

+ 95,000

visits on the website and landing pages thanks to the omnichannel campaign


increase in the number of online leads in comparison to those set by the campaign's objectives

We set this system up with the agreement of our partners and this makes for an extremely powerful and coherent campaign, it’s a real success for us.