How to make the most of restaurant visits to strengthen client relationships?

An app running on tablets allows Léon to qualify its customers and increase their loyalty

The Challenge

Léon de B.
is a branch of the “Léon de Bruxelles” group, a restaurant specialized in mussels and fries that boasts 80 restaurants across France.

The brand created a “young and urban” concept, an innovative take on traditional Belgian cuisine with fresh and homemade products.

Léon de B.’s objective is to optimize customer intimacy and boost loyalty. With this in mind, Numberly’s mission is to create a mechanism to collect the data of new customers which would allow Léon de B. to keep the relationship alive after the visit, while offering a fun animation in the restaurant.

The Solution

Numberly advised Léon de B. to set up a kiwapp® application: a playful and 100% winning game, available in restaurants.

Digital expert in retail since 2011 and part of Numberly since 2016, the kiwapp® solution is a tool that creates and deploys user friendly digital services in shops, agencies, and restaurants (…) to improve client experience.

Numberly set up a global strategy for Léon de B. from data collection in restaurants through kiwapp® to loyalty actions thanks to the integration of customer data into the CRM database.

This project answers to a double objective:

  • For the customers: an innovative experience in restaurants and a gift after each visit: a rewarding loyalty.
  • For Léon de B.: a better knowledge of its clients.


A game in 5 steps plus a confirmation email or SMS sent. The game is available on tablet and it is shown to the customers when they pay the bill.

1) Introduction to the 100% winning game.

2) Activation of the one-armed bandit and viewing of all the possible gifts to win: a Leon menu, a plate of mussels “à la marinière”, a “fish&frites”, a Léon beer, an “Ile Flamande” dessert, a gourmet coffee…

3) Gift displayed, available for a next visit thanks to a unique code.

4) Subscription form where the player fills in all his details: First Name, Last Name, Email and/or Mobile Number.

5) Confirmation page personalized with the chosen channel (email or SMS) with a trigger email or SMS sent with the unique code.

Screenshots of Léon de B's loyalty application.

Key Figures

80 %

of completed forms, according to the gift won.

10 %

of global transformation rate

50 %

of the players registered are qualified in email and mobile number.

Thanks to the playful kiwapp® app, Léon de B. is able to qualify its customers in our restaurants, increase customer loyalty as well as building a long-term relationship with them.