Webinar: Live session with… Noorin Virani, L’Oréal Global CRM Director

Watch the replay!

Welcome to this webinar: “Live Session with… Noorin Virani, L’Oréal Global CRM Director“!

Numberly invites you to spend 1 hour with Noorin Virani to discuss the impact of the Covid crisis on consumer behaviour, the Brand Retailer relationships, personalization in 2020 and the evolution of Martech.

If the screen seems pixelated to you, you can try to increase the viewing quality using the ⚙️ button at the bottom of the player (720p recommended if your connection allows it).


If you have any questions during the presentation, we will be happy to answer them! You can ask them below and we will answer them in the second part of the webinar.

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