Impactly: actionable measurement

Our tool for measuring the environmental impact of digital marketing campaigns

Why Impactly?

The climate and environmental issues we face represent a collective challenge to which we must urgently respond.

As a European player in digital marketing, we are convinced of the key role our sector can play in reducing the environmental impact of marketing and business practices.

Within companies, marketing functions can be the driving force behind a collective effort to reduce carbon emissions.

And to reduce, you have to start by measuring.


To follow up on our convictions with action, we created Impactly, a tool for measuring the environmental impact of digital marketing campaigns. Freely available on, it enables every marketing team to measure the impact of their campaigns according to specific parameters such as sending volume, html weight, country of destination or routing time.

The tool’s calculations use sources from ADEME’s Empreinte and Nega Octet databases, and are based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology standardized by ISO 14040.

In its first iteration, the tool focuses on measuring the carbon footprint of campaigns – a multi-criteria analysis is currently under development and will be available shortly.


Using Impactly as a measurement and decision-making tool, you can improve the performance of your campaigns by being more effective, with optimized frequency and deliverability, while reducing their environmental impact. Measurement becomes actionable, to reduce negative externalities.

More generally, we believe that Impactly, far from being an end in itself, represents a first step in a more global approach towards raising awareness and re-evaluating business practices in light of the climatic and environmental challenges that concern us all.


Award-winning case

We are honored to announce that Impactly, our marketing campaign environmental footprint calculator, has been awarded:

  • Gold at the Marketing Trophies B2B in the “Positive Impact” category
  • Silver at the AdTech Awards by Minted in the category “Best CSR initiative or approach in Adtech