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Find out how we are helping our partners in the banking sector meet these challenges with Nicolas Filatieff, an industry specialist.

Data marketing is based on the central principle that a deeper understanding of consumers leads to better services, more relevant messages and, in turn, to better business performances and improved customer satisfaction.

The banking sector is a pioneer of this strategy. Rich with customer knowledge, banks and insurance companies have historically possessed varied and detailed data, both personal and declarative, as well as transactional or behavioural. Where other sectors struggle to make the link between online and physical interactions, banks have all the tools to identify the individuals with whom they interact.

But banks are also subject to a highly restrictive regulatory environment, comparable to the pharmaceutical industry. They are also often slowed down by IT structures that were built long before the era of data marketing.

How do you manage to beat a new and very intense competition, within a specific regulatory framework, without getting bogged down in the construction of data models that often fail to be properly exploited, either online or offline?

In order to continue to benefit from the trust and loyalty of their customers, financial services players are faced with the challenge of making a successful digital transition while maintaining the security and confidentiality that are at the heart of their customers’ expectations.

In this era of RGPD and KYC and AML bonds, the challenge for banks is to ensure data protection while offering relevant and personalised customer paths.

It is the precise execution of media and CRM campaigns that makes all the difference.
This is precisely where our agency’s expertise lies, and why we have been able to support large and small financial institutions.

Our role as a Marketing Technologist is to assist these players in meeting those challenges, both strategically and operationally.

We put our data marketing and technological expertise at the service of your customer relations:

Unify your data

The potential of the data collected is multiplied when it gets cross-referenced. We help you link your data, whether it is personal data or data resulting from the behaviour of Internet users on your website, to leverage it to its full extent.

Enrich your data with data science

The power of our algorithms reveal significant behavioral trends hidden in your data that enable you to make more accurate predictions, build look alikes and optimization models, and to deliver a relevant and contextualized message along to the most important moments in your consumers’ lives.

Segment and activate campaigns

Data processing allows for a more segmented view of your consumers. It is possible to choose for each micro-segment the most suitable marketing treatment, and to personalize the message sent, so that you can differentiate by relevance. Our agency’s expertise consists in (with you, or for you):

  • Building the right message (e.g., related to buying a home, moving, inheritance, etc.),
  • for each customer, sending it at the right time (ideally at Real Time following an event),
  • sending it on the right channel (email, media, social media, text message…),
  • And sending it to the right device (smartphone, tablet, desktop).

Banks and insurance companies support consumers at
key moments of their lives.

It is by detecting and anticipating these moments that it becomes possible to offer consumers an attentive and personalized service.
Data is a powerful tool that requires great technical expertise coupled with a deep commitment to security and privacy.

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