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Discover how we help our partners in the luxury sector to meet these challenges with Charlotte Moreau, a specialist of this sector.

Elegance, exclusivity, tailor-made, subtlety and surprise are the key markers of the experience offered by the great luxury Houses. Very attached to the traditional codes of customer relations, the luxury industry has approached digital with great caution. The extremely rapid emergence of Digital Native Vertical Brands has shaken the market and forced the luxury industry to shift into higher gear in order to maintain their supremacy and conquer digital natives (millennials, genZ…). How to create a digital customer experience that lives up to the brand promise? How to make digital a strategic lever to reinforce the value proposition for a very specific target?

To answer these questions with relevance, we must return to the exclusive relationship that only luxury brands manage to create with their core target: customer intimacy. Today, digital technology offers an unprecedented opportunity to get to know your prospects and customers better by having a 360-degree view of the relationship, thanks to innovative technologies that allow the reconciliation of physical and digital ecosystems. The objective is no longer exclusively to replicate online the experience traditionally offered in stores, but to offer an enriched and enhanced experience. This strategy is also part of an approach that respects the confidentiality of an audience that places particular importance on anonymity and discretion. From data collection to analysis and activation, the luxury sector has its own codes and challenges, which have prompted us at Numberly to develop a dedicated expertise for this industry. We address these challenges with tailor-made proposals built by expert profiles.

Numberly assists the major luxury houses in the design and deployment of a seamless, innovative and immersive relational and transactional strategy. We pay particular attention to remaining faithful to the brand's image and to take its maturity into account thanks to tailor-made devices.

Qualification to ensure relevance

The first challenge is to collect the data and qualify it in a context where transactions are mainly carried out in a physical distribution network, sometimes even through third party distributors. Omnichannel data collection, backed by appropriate reconciliation tools, provides an enriched view of a prospect or customer’s interactions with the brand and enables to address them accurately. Context and message are thus orchestrated with relevance and finesse at the heart of the brand’s PRM and CRM strategy.

The importance of context in branding

In the age of online advertising automation, a perfect control of communication outlets is essential. Our mission is to serve branded content in contextualized settings. In addition to being able to respond effectively to the emerging brandformance challenges of luxury Houses, brand integrity is one of our priorities in the context of the media activations we manage. To achieve this, we place machine learning and artificial intelligence at the heart of the media strategies we propose to our clients.

A 2.0 loyalty strategy

For a long time, the luxury sector has been questioning the suitability of traditional loyalty programs for a very premium audience. Today, data marketing offers the opportunity to move from an expensive niche treatment to a scalable loyalty strategy, by capitalizing on a deep and broad customer knowledge. We offer our clients in-depth studies of their databases in order to develop innovative segmentations and rethink their loyalty strategy. One of the kinds of systems we build, for instance, rely on unexpected rewards to make surprise a key lever for strengthening commitment and loyalty.

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