Numberly and win first prize at the Data Festival in Paris

The CRM programmatic campaign set up by Numberly for received the best CRM program award

We are happy to have been distinguished at the Paris Data Festival for our work with

On November 28th, we have received the first prize for best CRM program during the third edition of the Data Festival in Paris.

A prestigious panel composed of 30 professionals from the Digital and Marketing sectors has selected the Programmatic CRM use case that has allowed to boost its reach and conversions on key segments.

Numberly and LesFurets teams at the awards ceremony

This recognition demonstrates the importance of using incrementality to measure the results of marketing campaigns more precisely.

When asked by to provide a precise measurement of the effect of programmatic campaigns, Numberly has divided their CRM database into several segments according to the recency of their last quote request or email reaction. Through data onboarding – a technology that allows to identify the cookies associated with an email address within databases such as AppNexus or Facebook – these individuals were then exposed to a personalized programmatic campaign. A test protocol was put in place to measure the incremental impact of these campaigns on the groups that were exposed and revealed a strong conversion uplift for certain segments (up to 14%).

If you wish to know more, read the full Success Story here.

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