Programmatic CRM

Leveraging programmatic channels to address customers in a more relevant way, in an omnichannel environment

The CRM and media worlds have changed.

Today, not considering them as strongly interconnected and interdependent might result in a big impact and efficiency loss, as well as gaps of coherence & continuity in the relationship between the brand and its customers.

Programmatic CRM brings practical answers to this challenge and helps bridging the gap between the 2 worlds.

How to start simple while building long-term?

  • Data onboarding activation use cases: gateway between CRM & media worlds, simple enabler to start extending CRM actions in programmatic, or for media campaigns to become people-based and measurable.
  • Omni-channel activation use cases: deploy longitudinal activation programs, leveraging any channel, online or offline, from print to programmatic audio, orchestrated around individuals and in-real-time, natively with real incrementality, with coherent multi-touch points personalization.

Data onboarding & orchestration

Leveraging our data onboarding solution and expertise to orchestrate activation on different channels


Reactivating lapsed users to leverage your past acquisition emails

CLV Maximizer

Avoid churn and maximize customer value, by optimizing the combination of different channels (frequency, promotion, personalization) in order to maximize the impact of incrementality on customer value

The added value of our agency

A tech mindset and a CRM culture

A mix of proprietary solution & strong ties with the ecosystem to maximize reach, touchpoints & impact

Focus on incrementality

Real-time dashboards fed by granular and daily evolution of incrementality, at any level of the conversion funnel in order to assess the optimal treatment for each segment

People-based omni-channel approach

Proprietary machine-learning algorithms and dedicated trading desk to drive real outcome

So, what does this mean?

Set up of the targeting mix
Dataonboarding and activation
Optimizations based on real incremental results
Gathering of interactions collected during the campaign

Let’s keep