Retail Media & Clean Room Management

Leverage relevant retailer data to optimize campaigns and measure their impact

Numberly as trusted third party for data partnerships between brands and retailers

Our agency helps brands and retailers work together to meet a number of objectives:

  • Understand brand consumer behavior and identify marketing opportunities thanks to quantitative studies based on retailer data
  • Identify targets to be addressed: active brand customers, inactive brand customers, buyers of products in the category or complementary products
  • Optimize the combination of marketing channels (online and offline): email, social, programmatic (video, audio, display), mailing portals, coupons, SMS…
  • Measure the incremental impact of campaigns through experimental test protocoles
  • Leverage the most recent breakthroughs of people based marketing.


Analyze retailer data and cross-analyze it with brand data


Build omnichannel test protocols to activate customer segments by optimizing incrementality


Analyze incremental results generated by the campaigns and identify optimal combinations (channel, frequency, promotion, personalization)

The added value of our agency

Trusted Third Party Partner

We analyze and activate retailer data for brands, ensuring the protection of customers' personal data

Analysis and Insights

Our statistical and datascience teams leverage data according to your business objectives


We activate the most relevant marketing channels according to your campaign objectives, by optimizing the incremental results

So, what does this mean?

Analyze customer behavior in the retailer database: purchase frequency, average order, etc. Identify audiences to target
Onboarding email addresses to identify the right cookies
Set up omni channel campaigns
Measure incremental conversions on the retailer's side, both online and offline

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