RampUp San Francisco 2020, Building the Future of the Open Web

What’s Next for the MarTech Industry? Looking Ahead in Uncertain Times at Liveramp’s Annual Conference

Against the backdrop of Google’s recent announcements regarding the deprecation of third-party cookies, and the looming threat of what was going to quickly evolve into a worldwide health and financial crisis in the weeks following the event, this year’s edition of RampUp, Liveramp’s Annual Conference, held in San Francisco, sure was bound to be special!
The Numberly team had the chance to attend this 2020 edition, attending inspiring sessions and sharing insightful discussions – here are our main takeaways from the event:

Stage of RampUp SF

#1 It’s finally happening: saying goodbye to third-party cookies

The end of third-party cookies, previously announced by several major browsers and now supported by Google too, is obviously a major concern for marketers. But it’s also, as several speakers emphasized during the conference, a global opportunity for the MarTech Industry to do better, to build a more robust, more trustworthy and more efficient way to measure performance. Solutions such as Liveramp’s IdentityLink are paving the way for this cookieless future.

#2 Putting the consumer back in the driver’s seat

Two main keys to improving a brand’s relationship with consumers were highlighted this year: (re)building consumer trust, and building consumer-centric experiences. General trust in brands and advertising has crumbled over the past few years, but there are ways for brands to build back a positive relationship with their audience. Achieving this takes having honest conversations about why your consumers are (or aren’t) engaging with your brand and your content, and making sure they are (and feel) in control of their data and their privacy options. Add a strong customer-centric focus to all of your experiences, both online and offline, and your brand should be on the right track to having positive, highly-engaging interactions with your audience.

Photo of one off the conferences at RampUp SF

#3 Understanding the future of TV

As the streaming war rages on, it can be hard for marketers to know how to approach TV advertising, its measurement, and the type of content to produce for it. Several panels highlighted the importance of continuing to experiment in this booming space, in order to find the best ways to reach brand objectives all along the funnel.

Thanks to Liveramp for hosting another great event – see you next year!

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