The “MY HAND EXPERT” chatbot for L’Occitane

A conversational experience using artificial intelligence to optimize customer intimacy

The Challenge

L’Occitane is an international beauty brand, famous for its wellness and cosmetics products, consisting of natural and organic ingredients with traceable origins, such as its skin care creams. The Group relies on an online store and a network of more than 3,000 points of sale in 90 countries.

Although customer relationships have historically been built in a top-down logic; from the brand to the customer, the rise of conversational marketing mechanisms calls for change.
L’Occitane and Numberly have thus set up an innovative customer experience based on a chatbot. The objective is to initiate real conversations, to gain new customers and to generate visits to the point of sales.

Example of a promotional visual of l'Occitane.

The Solution

The project

The chatbot set up by the Numberly and L’Occitane teams allows participants to discover a daily beauty routine for the well-being of their hands through four of L’Occitane’s flagship products. At the end of the experience, a promotional code is given to the customer to receive a Jolies Mains kit online or at the point of sale of any purchase.

A fun and engaging service-oriented experience

The objective of the operation is to offer an interactive and fun experience : a guided tour with questions that can be answered by clicking a button.

The scenario offers users the possibility to interact intuitively with the bot, either via a long (complete) path, or via a short path (quick access to the promotional code), each collecting the user’s contact data and email optin.

In addition to the guided scenario, which allows the beauty routine to unfold, 5 additional options are offered to the users :

  • Access to customer service
  • The conditions of the offer
  • The benefits of Shea
  • A feature to learn more about L’Occitane’s products

Maximize conversion with a multi-environment mechanism

In order to encourage hot prospects to visit, the chatbot has been integrated into a dedicated page on the e-commerce website. The chatbot presenting four of the brand’s flagship products redirects consumers to product pages while remaining within the same e-commerce environment.
The presence of the operation on the site, throughout the customer journey, enabled many conversations to be initiated, thus maximizing conversion.

The chatbot was also deployed on Facebook Messenger to optimize visibility on one of the most popular messaging platforms.

In parallel, a media strategy mixing paid campaigns (on Facebook, Google Search) and organic social networks (Facebook and Instagram) generated visits.

Media (generate traffic), chat with the bot (conversation), reception of the promotional code (engagement), point of visit (transformation of engaged prospects)

The Results

A fully integrated data-catching tool that effectively meets L’Occitane’s acquisition and conversion objectives.

69% of subscribers shared their contact data with the bot.
The Bot fed the brand’s CRM database in real time by collecting contact data (civility, surname, first name, email address, optin email) as well as the conversations between the bot and each user.

35% of participants used their promo code online or at a point of sale.
This data activation plan implemented through emails encouraged users to take advantage of their promotional code, which helped maximize conversions.

Key Figures

69 %

of subscribers shared their contact data with the bot

22 %

of bot users opted in to L'Occitane's emailing list

35 %

of participants used their promo code online or at a point of sale

1'35 min

spent on the bot on average

The teams needed 4 phases to implement this efficient chatbot

Set up, test & training, launching & monitoring, international development.

This device goes beyond adding a relational channel. A chatbot is a complementary element to our CRM investments and differentiates itself because it brings a personalized service and increases connectivity with our customers. Such results illustrate the need to support our clients in their choices at all times in their life path. For our customers, this is a local service that we wish to offer widely internationally.