Omnichannel CRM activation for Aigle

Guiding customers' path to purchase

The Challenge

Aigle is a French brand renowned for its iconic products : boots and parkas. It relies on a network of 350 stores worldwide and on an e-commerce website.

Twice a year, Aigle organizes Promotional Operations offering discounts to its prospects and customers. These discounts represent a strategic opportunity to measure the impact of omnichannel CRMhow to identify an optimal combination of touchpoints to guide customers on their paths to purchase?

The Solution

As part of these Promotional Operations, Numberly set up a series of experiments to better understand the efficiency of the three channels that are activated: email, SMS and print communication.
The protocol consists in building several comparable samples and subjecting them to different omnichannel sequences:

  • The control group only receives emails
  • The first test group receives print mail and emails
  • The second test group receives emails and SMS

An analysis of the different performances between control groups and test groups allows to measure the incremental value of an additional channel . In other words, these experiments isolate the incremental revenue that can be attributed to SMS and Print in order to evaluate the performance of each channel.

The Results

For each test sample, the additional channel generates an uplift of conversion both online and in-store.

Incremental impact of omnichannel activation

Omnichannel activation generates an increment of 42% in turnover. SMS and print communications generate respectively an increment of 0.5 point and 0.6 point of conversion rate.

Time-related effects specific to each channel

Mobile generates an increment nearly equal to the print on email and mobile optins, that are more engaged with the brands.

Guiding prospects or customers on their paths to purchase

This test protocol highlight the decisive role of certain touchpoints in a costumer journey.

The study reveals that 96% of the incremental impact of print mail is observed in-store (4% online).
The incremental effect of SMS is almost equal in stores (54%) and online (46%).

The mix of communication channels that is activated significantly impacts the channel used by prospects and customers to purchase. This observation opens new strategical perspectives that enable to guide the prospects or customers to a specific transaction channel in a drive-to-store or drive-to-web mindset.

42 %

of the revenue generated by omnichannel activation is incremental

54 %

of the share of incremental impact observed in store is due to SMS

+0.5 pt

of conversion by activating an additional channel with email

Print increment vs Mobile increment

0.6 points increase in the transformation rate by adding mail to email, and 0.5 points by adding SMS to email.

Rates of instore vs online buyers by population

The tests allowed us to highlight increments both in store and on the online store.

This approach sheds a new light on traditional light, medium and heavy targeting. The monitoring, combining incrementality and profitability, enabled us to identify strategic targets. Our investments in data activation (email, SMS and print) have been redesigned and each channel is now used to its best potential.