How to better understand consumer behaviours to generate more effective digital campaigns?

CRM Activation and Precision marketing for the French division of Danone Fresh Dairy Products

The Challenge

Danone Fresh Dairy Products France, an organisation founded in 1919, is a major player in the food sector, particularly in the field of fresh products. Activia is a popular brand for its recipes rich in probiotics.

Although the brand is attracting more consumers every year, the challenge for Danone is to accurately measure how much the marketing campaigns contribute to the results thanks to a global vision and direct access to its consumers’ purchasing data.

Danone Fresh Dairy Products France has therefore chosen Numberly to help achieve three objectives for its Activia Mix & Go product range:

  • Validate audience targeting criteria via purchase data;
  • Trace the consumer journey from exposure to sale;
  • Measure sales.

The goals were to optimise omnichannel activations based on real-time purchase data and to analyse the impact of digital on sales by customer segment.

The Solution

To carry out this campaign, the Numberly team set up a multichannel digital campaign on the Activia Mix & go product range, leveraging LiveRamp’s technology and its SafeHaven platform.

Thanks to this platform, the retailer made its purchase data available in order to better segment Danone consumers and optimise multichannel activations. Numberly acted as a trusted third party between the brand, Danone, and the retailer.

The multi-channel activation campaign was made of 4 stages:

  • Identification of 6 clusters of customers and prospects among the retailer’s loyalty program’s members
  • Development of 6 personalised messages and mock-up tests consisting of 3 messages per segment
  • Activation of customers and prospects on Display & Video 360 and Facebook as well as the optimisation of strategies in real time based on sales data.
  • Measurement of incremental sales and analysis of the customer’s buying path

The Results

The campaign generated an incremental impact of 25% on online and offline sales compared to the control population. An incremental impact of 17% for e-commerce was observed on the conversion rate.

The campaign also made it possible to validate purchasing strategies by target (channels, frequency, messages) in order to replicate the approach in other environments.

Key Figures

+22,4 %

Incremental impact for the number of visitors on the retailer's website

+17 %

Incremental impact for e-commerce conversion rate

Getting access to the retailer's data opens up a whole new field of possibilities! This campaign has enabled us to enrich our knowledge of our customers, to create new tribes, and finally to measure and optimise real conversions in an omnichannel logic and throughout the campaign. This effective steering is a real change for a consumer goods firm like ours, allowing us to take our precision marketing approach one step further.

In November 2020, Numberly, Danone and LiveRamp were awarded the title of General Category winner of the I-COM Global Data Creativity Awards for this omnichannel digital campaign.