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Historically, brands have had less customer data than retailers who actually know their consumers’ preferences. Green stamps, loyalty programs, etc. are all mechanisms that allow them to historize transactional data over the long term. Thanks to digital technology, brands are now also able to collect, analyze, and activate their consumers’ data.

As a Marketing Technologist, Numberly assists FMCG players in their transition towards better customer knowledge. The first brick in this transition is the creation of a brand’s own data asset: first-party data allows marketing to become more relevant and effective.
With the creation of a CRM database structured around nominative data (first name, last name, email address, etc.) and/or a CDP structured around non-nominative data (browser cookies, device ID, etc.), brands now have all the tools they need to transform their digital media, web traffic or relational programs into first-party data. The relationship between a brand and its consumers becomes even more intimate when these two types of data are collected and reconciled: nominative and non-nominative. The technologies of our agency enable this reconciliation of multiple digital identities around an individual, which makes targeting more precise and considerably improves the relevance of effectiveness measures and customer studies. This approach, which places individuals at the heart of any marketing action (CRM or media), is called People-Based Marketing.

To go further, brands can now connect their data with that of the retailers in a win-win Precision-Marketing partnership. The objective is to reach a new level of relevance in order to reduce and optimize media expenses.

We are putting our data marketing and technology expertise to work for our customers:

Precision Marketing

Brands can now access transactional data from selected retailers to know who they are talking to and choose the right time, channel and message to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns in an omnichannel orchestration approach.

ROI Measurement

Even better: thanks to these partnerships it becomes possible to precisely measure the ROI of each marketing action carried out. Moreover, our incremental measurement approach allows us to know the exact incremental contribution generated by a campaign. To do so, we implement precise protocols that confirm or invalidate marketing hypotheses in a reliable, precise and robust manner. It’s not simply a matter of counting the conversions that took place after a campaign, but identifying conversions that would not have taken place if the campaign had not existed. This allows marketing investments to be optimized and only those that are most profitable to be generalized.

Knowing, in real-time , the incremental revenue generated by investments on a specific digital media campaign... is now possible.

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