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Discover Loïc Bodin's point of view, specialist of the pharmaceuticals sector.

With one-fifth of Google’s searches being health-related, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the sectors being most profoundly transformed by digital technology. If patients and healthcare professionals may have previously felt that they were not sufficiently informed, digitalisation brings more transparency, granularity and personalisation to a field where these elements are of crucial importance.

The increasing number of collaborations between the world of technology and the pharmaceutical industry proves it: there is an urgent need to invent new technical solutions to streamline the medical journey and keep the main players involved informed. Chatbots, mobile applications, and IoT devices are only the first examples of this new movement.

As a Marketing Technologist specialised in customer relationships, Numberly knows how important it is for a player in the healthcare sector to communicate in a detailed, personalized and transparent manner with its various partners.

This expertise in real-time personalized CRM coupled with our people-based approach which places the individual, rather than a series of identifiers, at the heart of our agency's marketing strategies, enables us to support major pharmaceutical companies in their relations with healthcare professionals, medical organisations and their end consumers.

For a more relevant broadcast of information

These demanding and educated targets have the particularity of being exacting regarding the information about the pharmaceutical products they prescribe or use.

It is important to be able to communicate, in real time, detailed product information such as regulatory changes or interruptions in the distribution of a drug. Far from arid and often delayed communications, this important information can now be shared in an intuitive and fun way, with a focus on the user experience. Our experience in configuring and setting up intuitive platforms allows us to develop tools with significant service value.

A more and more
service-oriented marketing

The development of content and pedagogy for the stakeholders also serves the objectives of notoriety.

This service-oriented approach makes it possible to support doctors, pharmacists and patients in the process of medical care, in a sector where information and ease of access to it are crucial.

A specific and standardised
privacy and security context

From the collection to the activation of data, the legislative framework linked to the respect of Privacy and Security is to be followed according to the geographical area (GDPR in Europe, HIPAA in the United States…). The client lifecycle must adapt to the legal framework and distribution channels, which vary according to the different markets.

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