Insights & Analytics

A set of studies to develop your customer knowledge and optimize your marketing action plans

Client insights

Who are your customers? What is their life cycle? How can you maximize their customer value throughout their journey (acquisition, retention, reactivation)?

Email activity optimization

How responsive to your communications are your customers/prospects? Are some of your customers at risk of dropping out of your customer life cycle? How can you adapt your communication pressure? How can you activate other channels in synergy with email activations on these populations?

Conversion impact

Where do your website visitors come from? What are the paths that contribute to conversions? Which are your best marketing levers?

Customer scoring

Who are the customers who have the highest propensity to perform certain actions (re-purchase, purchase of a product category, opening an email...)?

Database segmentation

How can you segment your customers according to their behaviour and value?

Engagement score & CLV

Defining Customer Life Time Value. Our agency supports you in measuring the level of engagement of your customers and defining appropriate action plans based on these measures.

So, what does this mean?

Definition of your needs and the scope of the analysis
Reception of data and quality check
Insights and recommendations. Results presentations and support on implementation

Let’s keep