How to — finally — measure the business impact of a display campaign for an FMCG brand?

Media trading, data onboarding, cleanroom, incrementality and brand retailer partnership

The Challenge

Groupe SEB is a French company and the world leader in small domestic appliances. Its most notable brand is Tefal, a brand specialized in non-stick cookware.

Like most domestic appliance companies, the majority of its products are sold by third-party distributors. These entities ultimately own Tefal’s transactional data, leading to a lack of visibility for the brand in understanding who buys these products.

Most importantly, Groupe SEB’s challenge lies in measuring how effective and impactful digital campaigns are on retailer sales and to what extent these digital activations generate incremental sales both in traditional and digital retailers.

Thanks to Numberly’s data expertise and status as a trusted 3rd party, the company partnered with key retailers, both traditional and digital.

2 key questions:

  • How to track sales?
  • How to measure the additional sales actually generated by a programmatic campaign?

The Solution

The challenge was to combine 2 distinct environments:

  • Media data, which is not personally identifiable, collected during the display activation
  • The transactional data of retailers thanks to the Customer Data Platform operated by Numberly, and the tracking implemented on the campaign, all media data could be collected and centralised.

It was then possible to measure the impact of the campaign on sales thanks to 4 key elements:

  1. Clean room solutions articulated with our CDP technology, allowing the reconciliation of non-identifying data (cookies exposed to the campaign) to retailer client identifiers, all in a anonymous, secure manner and in a third-party environment independent of the brand and the retailer
  2.  A partnership with 3 retail giants in France: Carrefour, Amazon and Cdiscount, giving us access to transactional data in a cleanroom
  3.  A trackbox, managed by Numberly, allowing us to process the data in the cleanroom and aggregate the ecosystems of the various retailers
  4. In-depth analysis of the revenue attributed and measurement of the incremental results generated by the campaign, to measure the real impact on a sample, and then modeling to extrapolate this impact to a multi-brand indicator, with estimates being as accurate as possible using granular data from retailers.


This protocol allowed an accurate measurement of the incremental revenue generated by the campaign. The availability of retailer data, including socio-demographic and behavioral data, allowed us to analyze the profiles most impacted by the campaign in order to optimize targeting.

A few numbers

+6 %

uplift on all Tefal brand sales

+10 %

uplift on sales of the Tefal Ingenio product highlighted in this campaign

+31 %

uplift in sales to Millennials

A real revolution

It is important to note that this protocol is innovative in two ways :

  • The cleanrooms used to combine the data constitutes a key technological innovation as it allows for both the reconciliation of brand and retailer data.
  • By effectively and efficiently integrating brand and retailer data, this protocol allowed Numberly to acquire key consumer insights on an individual’s path to purchase, from media exposure all the way to the actual purchase.

Most importantly, it allowed the measurement of the real impact of a media campaign on online and offline sales.


With this trackbox campaign, the Seb Group has set a first milestone in its appropriation of clean room environments.

Beyond this protocol’s short term benefit of measuring the business impact of a display campaign, this activation ushers Groupe SEB into a new innovative era of partnerships between CPG brands and retailers through the use of clean room technology.

Moreover, Seb’s Customer Data Platform, which gathers its 1st party data, is now an essential asset which, when combined with retailer data, allows the company to increase reach, precision, relevance, impact and measurement in its on and off omnichannel activations.