Data Marketing Certificate

Comprised of four half-days, the Data marketing certificate is an intensive program designed to update your knowledge and skills in the world of data and digital marketing. It will enable you to understand the market’s best practices for collecting your first-party data and activating it in your customer strategies.

The essentials


100% remotely


20 hours
4 half-days


€1750 (excl. taxes)
+ optional individual coaching


June 18, 20, 25 and 27 2024

Our participants testify

Awareness of the power of data. Original and very nice course format despite the distance. A big thank you to all the speakers.

Instructive and inspiring.

I particularly liked the peer coaching, which allowed exchanges on the human and organizational sides in addition to the technical subjects.

Certificate NPS : 59 | Satisfaction index : 4,5/5

Data Marketing course program

An intensive 4 half-days program to update your knowledge and skills and build in interaction solutions to a real business case

1. Real-time marketing issues

- Overview of the data and digital ecosystem and marketing automation tools on the market
- Analysis of the programmatic ecosystem
- Relational marketing challenges in a connected world

✔️ Objective: to have an exhaustive knowledge of the market context and the MarTech ecosystem.

2. Data collection and customer acquisition

- Challenges of building a first-party data asset
- New customer acquisition
- Lifetime value development

✔️ Objective: master the technological foundations, tools and management of data marketing projects and develop best practices for data collection and customer acquisition.

3. Omnichannel Data Activation

- People-based marketing strategies
- Personalization and targeting
- What is the effective combination between CRM and programmatic ?
- Customer Data Platform (DMP) best practices, mobile messaging (conversational, RCS, drive-to-store), media trading use cases (DCO, Retail Media, TV, Audio...), focus on Data Partnerships (2nd party)

✔️ Objective: master the methodologies and implementation of data activation in relational and programmatic strategies. From design to execution.

4. Transparency and effectiveness measurement

- Data analytics methods and tools
- Monitoring the omnichannel data activations’s ROI
- Which KPIs to reconcile short term and long term?
- What is the environment for innovation in data marketing?
- Peer-coaching session (2 heures): learning about your challenges based on peer feedback

✔️ Objective: Manage and measure the effectiveness of Data Marketing investments. Develop a test & learn logic in companies thanks to digital.

The 4 key contributions of this course

You will know all the keys to data-driven marketing to interact and understand this colleague who uses 10 acronyms a day !

You will be able to make a self-diagnosis, an inventory of digital marketing in your company to challenge your action plan.

You will be able to better manage your investments and critically assess your ROI: you will no longer respond in the same way to your media agency !

You will be even more innovative while defining the right priorities: beyond tools and technologies, you will develop a new way of doing things !

The approach of the course


A 100% remotely format
Synchronous group course (4 live sessions - 16h) and asynchronous individual course (4h)


Innovative teaching methods
Real use cases, virtual meet-up, office hours with the speakers


A limited number of participants
for a personalized exchange, live sessions with a Numberly expert on each theme

Who is this course for ?

You know that data is a major issue for your environment and that it is not fully exploited in your company? You think it is a key asset in your digital marketing strategies and you need to better understand, better control and better manage your investments? You feel like your agency may not be telling you everything? Would you like to improve your skills through a pragmatic and concrete exchange with experts and colleagues? This course was made for you.

It is intended for people who are passionate about marketing or face strategic questions and issues in this field. It will help you to better understand the terms and the technological and business stakes of data marketing, particularly by giving you the keys to understanding and the best practices to design, expend and then execute your data-driven marketing action plans (collection, analysis and activation).

Knowledge of the relationship marketing fundamentals is required for registration.

Yseulys Costes

Co-founder & CEO

Digital advertising


Business strategy



Nicolas Filatieff

Managing Director

Digital strategy


Omnichannel marketing


Data collaboration

Guillaume Floquet

Head of Programmatic

Marketing strategy


Business strategy




Pharmaceuticals sector

Thibaut Munier

Co-founder & COO

Marketing strategy


Business intelligence


Customer loyalty

Sandra de Brito da Costa

Executive Director

Business and marketing strategy


Digital marketing & Customer engagement



Loïc Bodin

Managing Director

Digital strategy


Digital transformation


Upskilling in digital marketing and data

Julien Chailloux

Executive Vice President

Real Time Bidding (RTB)


Customer Data Platform (CDP)


Business strategy

Philippe Delieuvin







Guillaume Floquet

Chief People Officer





Transformation culturelle





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