CRM in the Luxury industry Certificate

by Numberly Academy

Are you a marketing professional in the luxury sector? This Luxury CRM certificate will enable you to master the entire customer knowledge process. At the end of this training course, you’ll have the keys you need to combine physical and digital, quality of customer experience and impact measurement in your strategies.

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100% remotely


9 hours
3 days


€1430 (excl. taxes) + optional individual coaching



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The CRM in the Luxury industry course program

Facing new behaviors and the necessary acceleration of digital, luxury brands must combine physical and digital, quality of the customer experience and impact measurement.

1. Fundamentals of CRM in the Luxury industry

• The backbones of relationship quality:
  • - Satisfaction, Engagement, “Customer Intimacy”
  • - Customer Centricity in the customer journey
  • - Changes in customer behavior in the luxury industry: personal shopping, messaging, click & collect, travel retail

• the fundamentals of a relational program:
  • - The customer knowledge process: storage, qualification, historization
  • - Types of behavioral data that can be activated in CRM: reaction data, exposure data, transaction data, notices

• The CRM mindset at the service of a more transversal organization between the data, marketing, e-commerce, media and communication teams

2. Collecting personal client data

  • - Renewal of data collection strategies and tactics
  • - Understanding of customer database segmentations
  • - Targeting and differentiation of speeches by segment
  • - Event operation mechanics, engagement platform, experience, incentive, UX design
  • - Consent, regulation and data privacy
  • - Presentation of a selection of personalization and targeting use cases
  • - Articulation between the customer database and marketing campaigns: structuring the data to promote use cases

3. Rooted activation in the brand's universe

  • - CRM communication channels (email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) and omnichannel campaign orchestration
  • - Brand experience and ultra-personalization
  • - Personal shopping and clienteling digital practices: contact channels, conversational, sales advisor, drive-to-store, concierge
  • - Innovation in activations: Virtual/augmented reality, RCS, Messaging, Live Shopping
  • - Convergences between media and CRM: the concepts of programmatic CRM, incremental reach and presence
  • - Using CRM data to serve the media and manage contact frequency: expended CRM

4. Insights and measurement

  • - Which "full funnel" metrics for expended CRM?
  • - Understand attribution models (post view, post click, attribution window...)
  • - Understanding branding impacts: measuring awareness, recall and brand equity
  • - Understand and manage the customer centricity KPIs: satisfaction, commitment, trust, loyalty, value
  • - Measuring the digital activations impact on conversions in physical networks: the ROPO effect

The 4 key contributions of this course

Understand the fundamentals of the customer knowledge process for luxury goods companies

Discover industry best practices in data collection and re-explore the challenges of First-Party data in the current regulatory environment.

Understand how digital enables large-scale, ultra-personalized communication that represents the brand's image and experience

Understand the challenges and resources involved in measuring the impact of both brand-based and customer-based CRM activations

The approach of the course


A 100% remotely format
Synchronous group course (4 live sessions - 16h) and asynchronous individual course (4h)


Innovative teaching methods
Real use cases, virtual meet-up, office hours with the speakers


A limited number of participants
for a personalized exchange, live sessions with a Numberly expert on each theme

This course is designed for luxury marketing professionals working in CRM teams (CRM Project Manager, e-merchandising or e-commerce Project Manager, Campaign Manager, Loyalty Manager), communications or media teams (Client Communication Manager, Head Of Communications, Media Manager).

Prerequisites for enrolment (single- and multi-company format): mastery of customer marketing concepts and knowledge of the fundamentals of a CRM lifecycle and campaign management.

Yseulys Costes

Co-founder & CEO

Digital advertising


Business strategy



Thibaut Munier

Co-founder & COO

Marketing strategy


Business intelligence


Customer Loyalty


Customer satisfaction

Sandra de Brito da Costa

Executive Director

Business and Marketing strategy


Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement



Grégoire Bothorel

Head of Research

Relationship Marketing


Omnichannel strategy





Catherine Marion

Content Marketing and Communication Manager



Data Marketing


Customer engagement

Pascale Bué

Marketing Executive

Omnichannel marketing


CRM and Acquisition strategy


Data catching

Annabelle Crainic

Insights and Data Analyst

Customer Lifetime Insights


Data Collaboration


Impact Measurement

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